Did you know... Rebecca can train you on Evernote?

A big lure in today’s digital world is to go paperless. Sounds crazy to some, blissful to others.

One of the traps of going paperless is there are several steps to the project - it's not just scan-and-done. The other steps are merely labeling each document and filing it in the correct place.

Scan. Label. File.

This is the start of what I call a system: a set of rules to follow when handling any item. If you stick to it, the system will become routine (as in, you'll eventually do it lickity-split) and you will be able to easily put things away AND find them later! The idea here is to set the rules to set everything else free - like your brain!

What takes time in the beginning (and what people use as an excuse to not start) is figuring out what the labels and files are exactly.

This is where I can help. I will work with you to figure out your system.

Enter: Evernote. A versatile cloud-based program that can be used on your computer (Windows or Mac) and any other “smart" device (Android or Apple). It could be just the tool to organize your documents when going paperless and can serve as your main dashboard, offering more than your desktop computer ever did. I use this program so much and believe in its ability to serve my different needs personally and professionally, that I became an Evernote Certified Consultant to be able to help others! That means I went through a two-week intensive Evernote training, know the ins and outs of the program, and am part of a community of other avid users who are a great resource for anything I don't know.

Five years ago, I was drawn to Evernote initially for digital note-taking. Now that Evernote and I have an intimate relationship, I use it for so much more:

  • label notes with tags for easy retrieval

  • organize notes in digital notebooks

  • store + annotate documents, PDFs, pictures

  • scan documents with your phone (or connect to a scanner)

  • take pictures

  • record audio

  • save websites (more reliable than browser bookmarks)

  • forward emails to save in Evernote

  • set reminders

  • create checklists

  • convert notes into presentations

  • sync with other programs for automation and more functionality

  • share notes with others

Evernote's capabilities go far beyond this list, but just using a combination of these features can satisfy some of the most complex project requirements.

You can try Evernote out for free or use my referral link to pay for a higher plan to have more features and uploads per month. Even if you already use Evernote, we can clean up your account.

Ask around. See who you know is already using Evernote and what they think about it - you might be surprised!

And if Evernote is not the program for you, that's fine. I have experience with other programs and creative digital solutions to suit whatever you may need.

Also, more on going paperless coming your way... stay tuned!


**Along with my specialty in digital organization, I offer email inbox automation, legal name change, VHS to digital transfers, and more! Did you know a professional organizer can help with all that? See our list of services, and if you've got something else in mind, don't hesitate to contact me!**

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