Back in action and feeling refreshed!

There has been a big change in my life this year: I had my first child! This cutie - as you can tell in the picture by his compactness - has the sweetest smile and the most wonderful sense of curiosity. I could certainly consume myself with him until he's a teenager, but after taking some maternity leave, I’m happy to announce that I am seeing clients again! Oh, how I’ve missed being in the field and getting my hands dirty with something other than drool, spit-up, and well…poop. My availability is limited, but not to worry because my team of organizers is growing!

Rebecca Reorganize is getting a "refresh" and you can see some of it on our new website (new logo in the making too)! We are still adding content and features to the site as we settle into our new digital home.

Next month I am going to highlight some unique services Rebecca Reorganize offers. Clients have come to us with interesting projects. Being in the business of helping you get things done, we do our best to tailor our services to your exact needs. Knowing more about what we can do might inspire you to check a task off your list and call us to get you there.

Stay updated on all things organized through my Instagram, Facebook Page, and here on the new site. Happy summer, friends!

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