How to tame your bag collection

One of the things that both my clients and I wrestle with as we declutter personal belongings is getting rid of things that still function. And one of the biggest culprits: BAGS!

They could be plastic, paper, canvas, duffle, garment, tote, backpack, purse, toiletry, lunch, SWAG, and even luggage! Lots of breeds and boy, do they multiply!

The good news is that whittling down your bag collection is a project you can do on your own (or with a willing friend!) in 2 hours or less.

Here are some steps to follow on how to tame your bag collection:

  1. HUNT + GATHER. Leave no closet, drawer, cabinet, hook, or under-bed area unturned. Those bags could be lurking anywhere!

  2. CATEGORIZE. Put them in piles as you see fit. This could be by size, frequency of use, or some other personal system that makes sense to you.

  3. EVALUATE. Seeing them all together, you may be able to make decisions easily about the fate of some bags…or not! Ask yourself some questions:

  • Is the bag in good condition?

  • Does it suit my current needs?

  • How often do I use it? When was the last time I used it?

  • If I haven’t used it in a while, is it becuase I forgot about it? Was it stored in a hard-to-reach spot?

  • Do I have a place to store it when not in use?

  1. CREATE ACTION PILES. Start making decisions based off of your answers to the questions above.

  • Keep

  • Donate

  • Trash/Recycle

  • Undecided (you will eventually have to make a decision about this pile, FYI. Go back to Step #3 and ask yourself those questions again.)

  1. CHECK EVERY POCKET BEFORE GIVING IT AWAY. It would be a shame to give away a stray $5 bill left in there from your last outing! Also, if you happen to have lots of clothes, papers, or others things in your bags, take them out and sort them once you’re done with the bags. Gotta stay focused on one thing at a time.

There is no magic number to achieve with your bags at the end of this project. Your goals, space limitations, and tolerance level will help you determine the final outcome. So block off 2 hours in your calendar in the next week or so and you’ll have it to look forward to!

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